Transform web content into Chat-GPT intelligence.

How it works
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Scan a website, generate knowledge files to craft your personalized Chat-GPT Assistant in 3 easy steps:

1. Input and Scan

Enter the website URL, allowing our system to meticulously navigate and extract essential data including text, images, URLs, and structural elements.

2. Data Compilation

While our system meticulously scans the website, sit tight as it compiles the extracted data into structured output files, available for download as soon as the scan is completed.

3. Custom Assistant Creation

Utilize these generated output files as a foundation to craft personalized chat assistants for Chat-GPT, seamlessly embedding extracted content for enhanced capabilities.



Dive into our service with 10 credits, allowing you to scan and extract data from up to 10 pages.


Enjoy a more extensive usage with 45 credits, enabling scans and data extraction from up to 45 page


Maximize your potential: 120 credits, scan and extract from 120 pages, ideal for extensive projects and frequent scans.

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